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Thread: Timberframing

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    I am going out to the timberframe shop in North Carolina in a couple of weeks. I am pretty excited. I have looked at a bunch of companies and this is my favorite. Now I'll have to really look at the cost and see if I will still prefer it over my own log home.

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    Timberframing Hotspot

    My wife and I just got back from Franklin, NC. There are 4 timberframing companies right there. If you have any interest this is the place to go in the Southeast. They all will let you tour the factories.

    Jeff Johnson
    Cowee Mountain
    Cabin Creek

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    I am finishing up my

    I am finishing up my timberframe house now. Just working on pluming and drywall. What a long and crazy ride it has been that started in 2004. In the end I will finish the house for 60-70 dollars a square foot and it will be the type of house that would take 200 a sq ft to have built. Easy money? Hardly...but I have few regrets. I love timberframing now but would also love to try my hand at the log cabin as well.

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    Where are your pictures?? We need all kinds of eye candy!! Man cannot live on logs alone!

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    Yep, thanks for the update,

    Yep, thanks for the update, congrats on the home building, but where are the pictures!?>?!?! :)

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    Here are some pictures from

    Here are some pictures from the carving of timbers to the raising. This was in June. Since then alot has happened I'll update soon.

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    Wow that is really cool!

    Wow that is really cool! Thanks for the update and the pictures, I'd love to see more!

    Anybody heard from vtbuilder lately?

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    I have been in one of the

    I have been in one of the homes that Ted Benson built. It was a beautiful home.
    But I do agree with Patrick, he does think that we are mere amatures, and he is the all knowing one when it comes to timber frame homes.
    Anyone with the ability to plan and do their homework can build a nice home. It was done all the time many years ago.

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    I had to learn alot in order

    I had to learn alot in order to be able to timberframe like the pros. I have a brackground in Structural Engineering and CAD design. Still I read all the books and took an apprenticeship. After I got the technique down I absolutely loved working with timbers and the design. I believe it is not something that takes decades of experience to master, but definitely not something that could be equated to stick building or log style house building. It is definitely a refined skill set. If anybody is interested in doing a frame, or just seeing mine please come on by. I'm just 5 miles off I-65 in North Alabama.

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    Hi Will,

    Where did your pegs come from? Also, I was wondering where you took your aprenticeship?


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