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Thread: Strawbale VS log home.

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    Timberwolf i had Bs with building inspectors

    Look, listen and learn
    A man who works with his hands is a laborer,
    A man who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman,
    A man who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.
    St Francis of Assisi.

    I cant believe these people get paied and can take me to court.
    And they proved to me last summer they dont know Sh@@.
    Yes it crazy man me in the moutains.
    i went to the town electrician to get my pole and box done.
    It was becuse i knew i didnt know what i was doing and i didnt want have BS with the zoning office.
    It was done by a certified electricians that knows the codes and more then the zoning office did.
    The inspector decided becuse i am on the S list they fail me on 3 things they could not.
    One the things was a cover for the box that just went out code in less then 6 months.
    And they made me do replace that one that looked worse then the first one.
    The other 2 things they failed me they could not. It said in the Electric code book a extra stablizer wire was my chose.
    And they failed me on that and the box the electrician used was not aloud to be used it said right in plan writing either box could be used.
    I was so mad i went over the the head electricin in town and chated with him on this.
    It made me mad and it made him mad.
    I also got some other old timer building inspector involved in this.
    short end of it i got it passed becuse i went over there head.
    I dont like people telling me how to live my life and also telling me rules they have no idea ore training what there doing.
    These guys are put in a office job giving some short training and some dont know what there doing.
    If someone lose there jobs now i hope these guys.
    And people wounder why its take me so long to build come deal with these boneheads.
    It makes you feel like you want give up but there not running me off my land.
    They want to make me get a stamp on Rocks plan and pay 800 bucks to tell me i need go half foot deeper on my piers.
    Its time to go in the zoning office soon to see what non sence they do on me when i say i want owner builder permit.
    Will they still make me get a stamp on my plans it said on the net its the only way to build log cabins and strawbale homes.
    Sorry it brought up old bad feeling and are lack of true freedoms in the USA.

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    Get em Chad


    Well, the problem is power... some yield it well and with wisdom, but more often power corrupts them and they take advantage of the power their position holds over other...

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    "KEEP IT SIMPLE" Cob can


    Cob can work... need some backing to take the cob, chicken wire or wattle. The English have done this in the past very effectively. However, your roofing eaves will have to be greater to protect the cob from rain.

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    Strawbale Home In The South


    You can check the magazine Mother Earth... great magazine on natural building, permaculture and homesteading. Check their website...
    Strawbale works great with Timberframing because the strawbales can be used to wrap the timberframe or infill them. I built a strawbale house some years ago. I used a teaching dvd that walks you through the whole process. Was real simple like building a log home, but labor intensive and thus just as ideal for owner/builder like b & P. The imperfect thick walls gives great character much like logs.

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    Going to help out strawbale home this weekend

    I am interested in it looks interesting i love the Rvalue of the Wall like 30 ore 40 that kick ass. I did web search and wanted to see if any teaches here in east cost.
    I stumbled across some people and i gone help out on home that the frams up and most the wall are done they need help with the shale ore cement coating. So i take some friend along since he straped on his home payment he might learn something from this. Pluse the chance to meet some new interesting people.
    i got 2 pictures they sent me allready John i got see your DVDs on the building process of this i might have do half log half straw.
    Any one interested in Va Dc ore Md area drop me note at

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    Strawbale in West Tn

    Attended Class March 25th/26th of 2006.
    If you are gonna be dumb, you better be TOUGH!
    A retired Home Economics teacher that taught at my H/S built a Strawbale home in Decaturville Tn, bought 6 miles from my current residience. Been bout 12 years since built. No problems at all they were interviewed by the local newspaper while it was under construction and bout 4 months ago to see how it was doing. One thing they did different was they had a swimming pool company come out and spray the bales with cement stucco? And if I remember correctly they really dont have large overhangs. But no problems after 12 years, that tells me it is very possible to build strawbale in the hot humid south!

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    My friend made out to help on the strawbale home

    i got some pictures he sent me on my cell looks interesting.
    Just to tell you this family had a strawbale half home with log home guss what side burned down .
    Burning a strawbale is like try burn a phone book pressed together. After there log home burned to the ground from a wood stove they decide to build straw since that didnt burn.
    Now i think i know why Skip went with heating oil to heat the home.
    If your gone have wood stove like i want,
    Clean the pipes and you might want think about sprinker system added to the home.
    Just some advice to pass on the road for those building
    when you add up the foundation and the land 2 by 6s structure i relay think strawbale and Log homes come close in price to build. Log homes have more charm i think but the Strawbale had R40 and 50 that pretty dam good in heating and cooling cost also.
    Kola Build that Straw bale man send us a picture when you get it started on it.

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    strawbale home

    Has nobody but me read the story of the three little pigs?

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