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Thread: Class on the 17th and 18th

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    Class on the 17th and 18th

    I am flying out of Roanoke VA on friday for the class on 17th and 18th, and will be flying out monday morning, back to the grindstone of my sensory depravation chamber (cubicle) was wondering what there is to do? any cool places to stay or eat or people I should hook up with?? anybody want to double up on a room?? I havent made reservations anywhere yet, let me know

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    Wallace Falls Lodge

    I loved staying at Wallace Falls Lodge when I took the class.

    2 cents

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    Small world

    Hey, If you are flying out of Roanoke, you are close to us. My husband and I are also coming to the 17th & 18th class. We live very close to Roanoke but we are flying out of Raleigh (much cheaper) on Thursday. Can't wait to meet you!

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    my name is Virginia...does that count?

    Heh heh....I'm flying out of Atlanta and will arrive a few days early for hiking, geocaching, etc. I'll be camping - brrrr - but look forward to meeting y'all next weekend. Woohoo!


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    Hi Ginnie!!

    Another East Coaster! And you're camping?!? That is so hard core! I can't wait to meet you.


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    Weather Update

    We were just checking the weather forecast and it seems like we will be having typical Seattle weather this weekend for our class. Highs in the mid 40s and lows in the upper 30s - and of course the obligatory rain showers. My wife and I are leaving out tomorrow and look forward to meeting you all this weekend. Safe travels to everyone.

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    Ready to go....

    Well hubby and I have been working like dogs to get ready for this trip, checking and
    confirming all plans. We have 13 or 14 people coming to our house 2 days after we return for
    Thanksgiving dinner. Yikes it's crazy here but all will be well, see you at class.

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    Rain, Rain, and More Rain

    We got in yesterday afternoon and the weather is cool (mid 40s) and rained all afternoon and evening. Other than that it's great to be here. Be prepared for a "traffic delayed" drive from the airport to Monroe - we only thought the traffic was bad in Dallas :-)

    We left the airport at 3pm and finally got off of I-5 in Everett around 5pm. Then another 45 minutes over to Monroe. All of that with no wrecks and kind of beating the main rush hour traffic. I could not put up with that kind of commute on a daily basis - YIKES!! Hopefully if was not the norm and no one else will have this problem.

    Drive safe and see everyone tomorrow morning. By the way they are projecting showers today (might see some sunshine), rain all day on Saturday, but only cloudy on Sunday.

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    Yes - it rains, rains, rains

    Yes - it rains, rains, rains all the time here. Every day, all day. Every night, all night. It rains in the shower, even. When you go to get in your car in the garage, it's raining. We are the highest per capita purchasers of sunglasses (this is true). Why? Because we use them so little we forget we put the last pair.

    Now, if only someone could really convince everyone from California this was the truth, then maybe our traffic would be a little better.

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    Ha, yea. When I was out

    Ha, yea. When I was out there, I took the 405 up, and getting off the 405 shortly became top priority, and I shot out 520 for Duvall. Once around Redmond, the drive became very enjoyable and scenic. Coming down the hill and breaking out of the forest on Novelty Hill Rd into the Snoqualmie Valley is breathtaking.

    Sorry you had to find the hard way around.

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