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Thread: using old telephone logs to build a home?

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    besides blades dulling... any other complaints with it?

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    The blade cooling tank is a joke -- LHN took his off and uses Pam oil spray ( I use Olive oil spritzer )

    the track is 4, 6 foot pieces that you bolt together -- so it needs to be welded or just replaced with a 20-30 ft section of 1/4" angle Iron.

    The frame wobbles and really needs some support, but I haven't done it yet (I have made all my cuts wth the "stock version")

    for the $$$ -- I think it was well worth it.
    out of the box and up and working in about 6 hours.
    My 20% off coupon paid for the shipping and taxes, so I was happy.

    Iowa Log Building -- some day
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    Please do get some pics up if you can JrDavis. I've been searching the net for mills. Seen some good ideas. May have to find a welder when we get closer to being able to stay on our new land.

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    Here is my Harbor Freight sawmill. I have installed it on a small harbor freight trailer and put jacks in the corners to stabilize it all. Work great for me. I had some trouble with the blade plunging when I started, but have now learned how to adjust that out. I cut all of my boards for the board & batten for the gable ends.

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