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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Hooray, finally a forum!

    Hello, all--

    Gosh I feel like an oldster.... My husband Jeff and I attended Skip's seminar back in 2000 (Jeff went twice, and I went once). And I remember the second night talking about someday having a forum for Log Home Builders Association. We're so GLAD it's finally been made a reality.

    We live in southern California and are inching our way toward the final inspection for our Skip-style log house. A long adventure, but a fabulous one!!!!!! :D

    Looking forward to this chance to network with other Skip grads; we have stumbled on to a half dozen or so in other log house forums over the years.

    Take care everyone, and work safely.


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    Hi Steve..and you too Ellsworth

    Glad to see the forums up. I hope all is well you folks. I am glad to hear that Skip is ok. I took the class in May '04 and really enjoyed learning about log homes. I know enough to be dangerous!!! Still looking for the right piece of property. Take care everybody!!!

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    :D Hi Folks, I'm David Wilson, and I took my log home course 11/04 (has anyone seen the British guys from class?;I miss them, and I still want to see/hear The Hollies perform in England!). I am very interested in getting some field/work experience!

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    Introduce yourself

    David C - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    Just curious, do you listen to the radio much in Billings? I've got a friend who just moved there and is a DJ. Used to go by Kyle McCoy, not sure if that's still his radio name, though.

    Anyhow, enjoy!!!

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    introducing myself

    Hidy Ya'll !

    I attended class last month (Dec '04). I am currently looking for land and plan to build later this year. I bought the plans that were offered by the association and they're awesome! I live in the small town of Micanopy which is near Gainesville Florida, home of the Gators.

    :arrow: Jennifer

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    Hello all!

    I'm Rich Wood from Southlake, Texas. My wife Joy & I took the course in October, 04. We are making an offer on 10 acres today west of Fort Worth...hope it goes through as I'm ready to get started...been collecting tools, we have a great flea market here in my area and have been able to pick up lots of stuff, but logging tools are hard to come by...any body finding the "log carriers" anywhere? Also, log dogs are not easy to locate either...I guess I could bend & pound out some rebar...Thanks for putting this together guys!

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    Hi All

    Hello to the gang!

    Rob Teeter here, I took Skips class about 5 years ago maybe longer.
    I have a model built based upon 40' log lengths which I believe is a standard truck length without a special permit.

    I live in Everett and have been to the Monroe ranch several times.
    I am slowly getting my tools together. My goal is to have a log house built before I retire.

    Great job on the Forums!


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    Introduce yourself


    I wake up to the radio every morning. Do you know what station or type of music? I listen to about all of them.

    I am very excited to go to the class, I think it will be a great time.

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    greetings all!
    i attended the march '04 class & i was quite impressed. i've been thinking about building for a long time. i currently have property on camano island (washington). i'm hoping to start with a small building next summer then on to a house. i'm willing to help anyone in the area!
    edmonds, wa

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    Rebecca :)

    Hey... I'm Rebecca, living in Raleigh NC. My husband Mark and I attended the class back in March '03, and we're gearing up to build our home in October. We're also the ones selling the property in Northern Maine that's been listed in the newsletter. :)

    If Mark gets around to signing up for the forum, his name will likely have "kakarot" it in, since he's a big Dragonball Z fan. So, you'll know which Mark he is, since there seem to be 2 or 3 already.

    Oh, and Mark and I have the distinction of being so young and broke when we attended Skip's class that we actually slept in our rented car behind KFC in Monroe, the weekend of the seminar.

    So, if we can build a house, anyone can! 8)

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