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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    My name is Gabe and I have not attended the class yet. Considering moving to Vermont and building there. Looking forward to using the forum and possibly meeting some of you guys in the future.

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    LHBA.... Changing the world, one log home at a time.

    You'd probably fit right in here, Gabe.
    Every time I have strayed from the teachings of Skip Ellsworth it has cost me money.

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    Hello, Gabe!

    I'm also trying to build in Vermont, but first I have to move to the area so I can better check out land. It is proving very difficult to find a suitable rental home -- I am looking in Orleans County, in the Newport area.

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    Hello............ this is Anna and it is Nov of 2018. I could not attend the latest class in Vegas Nov of 2018 but will as soon as the next one has set its dates. Actually, there will be two of us. Anyway, I could not post in a different section since I am not a member (hence, we have not attended the class). Anyway, I wanted to put a shout out there on this forum and see if anyone will hear me. We will be building in the Idaho panhandle. Thinking about a 40x40. Maybe bigger since the trees we have are ginormous. We are interested in bartering, borrowing, sharing, laboring, exchanging, etc. with other LHBA folks that may be close enough to do so if possible or if someone else is in the area share or work out some options. Until we take the class, we are only in the beginning stage. We are at least done the preliminary work: have deed to the land, have trees, counted the trees, id tree species, size, height, building site, water rights, etc. However, the rest of the building phase is in the details once we take the class. So, if anyone is reading this, it would be great to hear from you. I see so many threads that are years old and maybe only 1 liners. in 3-5years after the project is completed, looking at possible host for avid sportsmen/women in the future when this build is completed. In the meantime, we are burning, thinning, cleaning, bark beetle killing, digging, tree, bush, flower, and weed identifying. My only question that I have is, if we fell in the the winter and debark according to the LHBA standards, how long can they sit after they are treated? Ok........[IMG]DSCN8632.JPG[/IMG]

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    welcome Anna. properly stored and treated, logs can last a year or 2 with minimal issues. ours did, at least
    glad you're here. take the class

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    Welcome! Currently living in alabama, building a 40x40 with ropes and pulleys. Roof decking was delivered yesterday. Used to have a place in Paris, id, beautiful there.

    Keep us informed on your progress. My only suggestion would be get your foundation in before you start harvesting trees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panderson03 View Post
    welcome Anna. properly stored and treated, logs can last a year or 2 with minimal issues. ours did, at least
    glad you're here. take the class
    Thanks for the tip.

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    Thank you for the info. We are in Moyie Springs. Good help. As soon as the class sign ups are in for 2019 which I see are near Memorial Day, we are there. We wanted to gather as much info first before the class so we would have been better prepared to ask or fill in our brains with the right info from our facts. We never thought of counting our trees let alone how many were needed for a cabin. Glad we did. Was it hard work. Counted the trees over 8" in diameter. As the footing/foundation, you are right. We have the sight/frost line data etc noted. Just wanted to have all my ducks in a row to go over with LHBA folks with fotos which speak 1000 words and then proceed.
    Just to inform yall,...........we are currently 1500 miles away from it. HAHAHA. So, there lies the challenge. No one said it was going to be ez. Ya right. If we were there sure, no worries. As about log theft or anything like that, highly unlikely, since we are on a private dead end road with 2 neighbors that watch. Anyway, its the process, best to fell in winter, debark soon after, dry logs, rotate, etc, then build. We would have to be there. So, do it in a step by step manner till we are ready to move. Thank you all out there so far. [IMG]J:\IDAHO\IdahoNov2018\DSCN8860.JPG[/IMG]

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    Welcome, Anna. You already have the right mindset (bartering, borrowing, sharing, exchanging labor...).

    The site is much more active than what you've seen. I try to read everything, but sometimes have trouble keeping up.

    Keep reading, especially the student homes in the Gallery, and lock in that class reservation. Time will fly.


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    Welcome, nice area up there. I pass through Bonner's ferry once in a while for work.
    Wait to cut trees, until you take the class. No sense having them lay down and trying to protect them, let nature do that for you until you are ready to stack.
    We are getting ready to build near Hauser lake next year. Just getting all the permit stuff figured out.
    Completed #1 - Sold #1.....#2 about to start

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