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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    I had to beg my wife to go to the class with me. I wouldn't have taken it alone. Once she got there and listened, she got on board very quickly. She's asian and small and she has never lived outside the city. Now she is a full partner in this adventure. It's a life altering class and dream. The guys teaching it are pretty awesome too.

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    Sorry this reply is so long in coming. we've been up at the build site:)
    no we haven't built yet but will be breaking ground in a few weeks if all goes well.
    yes take the class and bring your spouse. good luck:)

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    Boston class

    My husband and I are taking the may class in boston. , was thrilled to see a class on the east coast, would not of missed it for anything.
    we are looking forward to meeting everyone, see you there.

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    I am from Virginia Beach, have 30 acers in the foot hills of Va. Ive eyeballed every tree on it. Is that the right kind, is it strait enugh . All ? i hope to get anwered in boston
    last weekend i cut down a maple (insect damage) in the yard had to peel somthing. One thing for sure its a lot of hard WORK. the pics of the student homes make it all worth while
    See you in Boston. I hope im not too old

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    we all are hoping for answers in boston, virginia is a beautiful state. we live in maine in the country. noticed your bear in the picture, my husband is going to love meeting you,
    hunting and fishing is one of his passions. looking forward to seeing you in boston.

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    Hello, My Name is Tim, I am from Ohio. I have a piece of property in Presque Isle Michigan 2/3 of an acre and looking to build a cabin on the lot. I just recently found your website. I guess my first question would be about building plans, as a full memebr do we have access to plans? or will we need an architect to draw plans? I am completly new to the process, any feedback would be awesome.

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    Welcome Tim! yes after the class you'll have access to the LHBA plans. I think after the class they'll be offered at a discount. we bought the plans have made only minor changes to interior layout. again, welcome!

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    Andrew --Welcome.

    Welcome to the forum.....
    I was in the military, now out of the military and working as a contractor in Iraq until March of 2011.
    Once I return in 2011, I will begin my loghome. I have been gathering things for several years. I am 47 years old so Age isn't an issue. ( in my mind....)
    I have windows for the house and for the connected solar/sun rooms.
    My wife just bought 3 pallets of 6X6 quarry tiles for $500 off of craigslist.
    Attend the class, start getting debt free (if you are not) and start gathering things you get free and cheap to build debt free.
    It is a great goal and dream.

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    Art - Welcome old man.

    You'll find more than enough company here. I'm a 59 yo disabled guy. We have members that can call me a young'n.
    Welcome to the family. Take the class and you'll learn that you're not as old as you think.

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    Living near Raleigh/Fayetteville NC

    Right now my girlfriend is stationed at Ft Bragg in Fayetteville, NC. We're looking to move closer to Raleigh or even above it, closer to Virginia when she gets out. North Carolina is ok, but we're too far East to actually have any nice hills or mountains. :( We have to make due with what we have though.

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