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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Welcome, Camhart73!

    It's the real deal. Seeing what others have done is definitely inspiring.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rreidnauer View Post
    You may as well look up Wallace Lodge and go take a gander. that one?

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    Hi, my name in Menze and i am from The Netherlands.
    I will be attending a 3 weeks course logbuilding at the germany school of logbuilding in a few months.
    I am a newbie and have a dream of building my own loghome.
    Good possibility i will post some quenstions here.
    Are there more forums that deal explicitely with Loghome building.

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    There are many, many member's houses in Western Washington, as you'll find out when you get to the other side of the forum. I doubt if most will want to post their location here on the public side, so you'll just have to wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camhart73 View Post
    That's it.

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    Hi, Menze. Welcome. Have you signed up for the LHBA class (2 day class)?

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    Thought this was appropriate for everyone:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudflap View Post
    Thought this was appropriate for everyone:
    I love this. You know it's interesting--I have a side business that I work on on nights/weekends right now. But the feelings I had just as I was starting to prep for launching the business seem really similar to what I'm feeling now as I prep for building a log home. Lots of excitement, fair amount of fear, a bit of embarrassment when I tell people about it (maybe that's just me), a certain degree of uncertainty about what the future will hold. Launching and running my side business has been the most fulfilling work I've ever done in my whole life. I hope building a log home brings similar feelings of fulfillment.

    Paul Graham wrote an essay on why humans aren't meant to have bosses, and what it's like to work for yourself vs a boss. I highly suggest it. See First 3 paragraphs are below. For anyone who doesn't know who Paul Graham is, he's a highly successful tech entrepreneur, founder of YCombinator

    Technology tends to separate normal from natural. Our bodies weren't designed to eat the foods that people in rich countries eat, or to get so little exercise. There may be a similar problem with the way we work: a normal job may be as bad for us intellectually as white flour or sugar is for us physically.

    I began to suspect this after spending several years working with startup founders. I've now worked with over 200 of them, and I've noticed a definite difference between programmers working on their own startups and those working for large organizations. I wouldn't say founders seem happier, necessarily; starting a startup can be very stressful. Maybe the best way to put it is to say that they're happier in the sense that your body is happier during a long run than sitting on a sofa eating doughnuts.

    Though they're statistically abnormal, startup founders seem to be working in a way that's more natural for humans.

    I was in Africa last year and saw a lot of animals in the wild that I'd only seen in zoos before. It was remarkable how different they seemed. Particularly lions. Lions in the wild seem about ten times more alive. They're like different animals. I suspect that working for oneself feels better to humans in much the same way that living in the wild must feel better to a wide-ranging predator like a lion. Life in a zoo is easier, but it isn't the life they were designed for.

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    A three week course for building with logs will include many things that we don't value. For example, how to sharpen and axe and how to cut a notch. My log home has no notches and my chains of my chain saws are very sharp, but I learned from a video. We do not spend a lot of time matching one side of a log to another. The average time to get a log in place is about 1/2 an hour because we drill our logs then pound rebar to hold them in place. Our two day class is about the basics (how to stack carrots) and where to get information.

    There are many web sight that track how they built their log home... Stacking logs is no big deal. I stacked 63 logs in 12 days.

    Putting in the plumbing and electrical will take time. But feel free to ask as many question as you have them.
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    no, i will be attending the 3 weeks course in germany end of april/mai 2019

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