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Thread: Free NRA mambership

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    Free NRA mambership

    thought I would post this link to let everyone know that you can get a 1 year membership in the NRA for free.

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    Thanks for the link...I

    Thanks for the link...I signed up.

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    Some good and some bad...

    I have been an NRA member...
    I currently am a member of the NMLRA - National Muzzle Loading Rifle Assoc. They don't call, but being a state coordinator I have obligations.
    I have received innumeral (way too many) phone calls and letters from the NRA until I just stopped giving and asked them to stop calling...
    Fore warned is for armed. Armed is always good.

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    Nothing against the NRA, but...

    If you really want to defend gun rights, you should join the <a href=''>Gun Owners of America</a>.

    GOA is, as Ron Paul has put it, "the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."


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    It's a pity...

    The NRA chases away so many good, committed member through their incessant fund raising communications. They don't stop sending them out though because frankly, all of those communique's pay off and they do raise big bucks. However, I bet they easily could have 500k to 1M more regular dues paying members if they didn't hit them up for money so often.

    I knew of this complaint when I first joined 6 or so years ago. So as soon as I joined, I sent an email to their customer service asking them to put me on the no beg list. They did so without complaint and since then, I've received maybe 1 request a year. And those were not really asking for money as much as asking me to pay off my easy-pay-life membership to buy my life membership all at once. I finally did pay off my life membership last summer because I wanted to front them some cash during the election and they haven't asked for a dime since.

    As long as I've been a member, they have had $10 memberships. My idea is that if just 10% of NRA members would give away 10 memberships, the NRA could double their membership rolls. Those numbers are a big part of the NRA's clout in Washington (in addition to lobbying cash). I never followed though because I'm afraid the NRA would badger them to death and I'd create a person hostile to the NRA and to me!

    This free membership is a fantastic idea...if the NRA is willing to put the people on the no beg list. I'm going to check, I'll report back.

    I see this is my first post. I guess it is high time I go introduce myself.

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    NRA membership special

    The NRA is currently offering lifetime memberships for $500 for the next 24 hours or so.

    This is similar to the 'friends and family' promotion that they do about once every year or two, but anyone is eligible and you just sign up online at

    FWIW, I joined a few years back. When I joined I told them to put me on a 'do not mail' list, not even the free magazines. I'd estimate that was about 90% successful -- I get maybe 3 or 4 pieces of NRA junk mail per year. As always, ymmv

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