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Thread: Log Home Show This Weekend

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    Log Home Show This Weekend

    Log Home Living magazine is putting on one of their big shows this weekend here in Nashville. However I will not be able to go because I will be in Monroe, WA learning the REAL DEAL! ( yee haw - close to having first and most important step in process accomplished).

    I was thinking of having my wife go to the local show for the sole purpose of just patrolling for vendors that may be useful in the future such as lighting, heating, alternative resources, black iron designs, tools, tractors, saws, and anything unique, unusual, or hard to find. I've already told her not to waste time on the seminars and builder solicitations, just to make a quick trip to fill a goodie bag with free stuff and possible useful resources.

    Has anyone been to one of these shows recently in their area who can say they found a vendor or resource that justified the $15 ticket? I'm sort of in the mind set that I can get every resource I need from the class, the member forum, the web, and auctions. Most everything offered at the show would have to be bought at retail prices which is not the road I'm on. Do you agree?


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    Log Home Show This Weekend

    The show was good for is seeing the problems that many kit builders have, and for looking at pretty pictures. I don't think there were any good prices from vendors.

    I actually liked the seminars. Some were very informative.

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    Log Home Show This Weekend

    The show was generally a waste of time for us- it was more for me to get some ideas of furniture I like and want to build. No deals, no real freebies. My wife did find some $5 off coupons in a log home magazine so it did save us a few bucks getting in.

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    Log Home Show This Weekend

    I attended 2 log home shows about 4-5 years ago. I was not impressed. A lot of sales-pitching. Nothing there for sale was cheap. The only thing I enjoyed ( besides the pretty ladies) was watching 2 companies erecting "mock" handcrafted log homes outside the arena. All in all, I learned more reading books. I think everyone considering a loghome should at least check it out.

    Then do the right thing and attend Skip's class. :)


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