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Thread: Introduction and Question

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    Introduction and Question

    My wife and I have always dreamed of having a log home. We live near Gainesville, Fl on about ten acres, four of which is heavily wooded (mostly water oak, live oak and red oak, some pines). I have just recently begun seriously researching log homes and luckily stumbled on this site, which has really been eye opening from the standpoint of learing about kits.

    My question: Can anyone tell me a little about the type of log homes that have a "mud" or "plaster" looking substance between the logs? Is this style taught in the class? Why do some log homes have it and others not?

    An example of what I'm referring to would be the picture below, which I realize are rectangular boards but have seen round logs sealed (not sure if that's the right term) this way as well:

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    Introduction and Question

    Howdy Gator.

    That mud stuff between logs is called 'chinking', which is a cement mortar mix. It serves a functional purpose beyond being pretty and rustic looking.

    The class taught by the LHBA absolutely teaches this method, as the butt & pass style of log building requires filler between the round logs.

    The ones that don't have it are scribed to fit in a way that may or may not be good for the longevity of your home or your pocketbook.

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    Introduction and Question

    Welcome Gator,

    As for the chinking that mhiles mentioned, it can be of several types of material. The class teaches to use cement mortar, however from your picture it looks as though they may have used a rubber based chinking product such as perma chink. Go to the picture page of the association and you can see log homes built using chinking by class members.

    Finding this site was one of the best things that could've happened to me. I'll be beginning construction in the next couple months using everything I learned at the class and I'm as excited today as I was 3 years ago when I stumbled upon the site.

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