Glad to meet you Tracy and thank you. Congratulations on your success paying off your debt.

Yea, I went back and read some more on the directions upon arrival after Leo mentioned it and I'll be staying in the car until I get the ok. Booked my flight yesterday. Now I'm just trying to decide on a rental car and a place to stay. I could probably save some money staying in a hotel or the Gaylord but I'm leaning toward the Wallace Lodge just because it's student built and it would let me have some more close up reference study and take lots of pictures that I won't be able to take at the class site. But I would also like to be as close to the class site as possible too so I'm still thinking on it for a couple more days.

rreidnauer - thanks for the input and perfectly happy swimming up stream with you. I've been "down" the river and it's not all it's cracked up to be. I love not being normal.