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    Class attendance


    I am thinking about taking the class next summer or fall. I'm an accountant and venturing into tax season soon plus the fact that I want to be totally debt free before attending the class. I have about a year left from paying everything off, God willing. I am all about being debt free and want to build debt free. I'm looking to invest my dollars for about 5 years before building. My question is this, if I go ahead and take the class next year as planned, am I taking the class too soon since it'll probably be 5 years before actually building? Once you take the class, can members retake the class???

    Also, I'm a single mom on this journey and just curious if other women (on their own) have built a log home? I'm not afraid of the hard work.

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    Class attendance

    Welcome Jen,

    My recommendation would be to take the class as soon as possible. Next year as you have planned should be fine. It would probably be next fall since there usually aren't classes during the summer. The longer you have to plan, save $, and collect tools and materials the more money you will save.

    I took the class march of 2004 and I'm presently awaiting my log delivery so that I can begin construction in the spring. I could have had things started sooner but it would have been at a much greater cost. The more time the more you can save. The downside is that some items will increase in cost over that time but overall its still to your advantage.

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    Class attendance


    As Kyle said take the class as soon as possible. The information you will gain will help you get and remain debt free. Not to mention the knowledge of building a home that will last a life time. I took the class in September of this year I am in the process of getting building permits now. I can't wait to put the first log down. I was lucky enough to have land and not many bills.

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    Class attendance

    Thanks Kyle and Oneshot for the confirmation. That's kind of what I was thinking.

    I do realize that I will need some help with this project. I'm hopeful that my nephew who is stationed at a naval base close to Seattle will be able to come to the class with me. Two heads are probably better than one!!

    Thanks again for your input.

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