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Thread: Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Log Home

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    And Allen didn't finish his thought:
    use the proceeds of the sale to build an LHBA home... (see my signature for pics, or ask anyone in this thread for photos of their little slice of heaven....). For around $100k, you could easily build a million dollar home - that would include buying a telehandler to stack the logs. (inside joke meant for LogHouseNut).... none of us are professional builders, btw... ok, maybe Steve.[/QUOTE]

    I've been looking for a tele handler for 2 weeks and have found anything even close to appetizing for under 40k. There goes the budget...............those triple blocks could very well be coming out of the boxes soon!
    The Grajiola Family

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    Get a really good inspection. If it's been on the market for quite some time or if it's a short sale, get bids, not estimates, for repairs and upgrades that are needed to bring it up to market value. If it's a short sale, you'll need all that and more to coax the lein holder into the short sale. Even if it's not a short sale, doing all that will help you do the math to figure out where you need to be in it and justify your offer to the seller. Take into account that it might cost twice your estimate and what the bids say.

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