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Thread: Log home trim ideas

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    Log home trim ideas

    Recently bought a log home. I'm looking for some ideas to trim where the logs contacts a flat surface. Any ideas help. Images Below with description.

    Ceiling to log connection (foam bleeding through the gap)

    Ceiling to log connection (Foam bleeding through gap again)

    Exterior trim above door large gap between log narrow area and trim board. Bat and bees often find homes here.

    Same trim as above.

    Log to floor connection. Tile doesn't sit flush and trowel lines are visible. need trim ides.

    interior shiplap wall connection at a 90* angle with logs. the gaps are filled with foam but uncovered. Need trim ideas here.

    Ceiling to log connection. This is a small example. Most are butt jointed and not a good connection.

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    I would re-apply the spray foam for those dry-wall to ceiling gaps, wait for it to dry, then cut off the excess. You can easily do this with a hacksaw blade (just the blade itself - they bend to fit into places like this).

    For the ones where bees get in, I would get some copper mesh:

    stretch out the mesh a little bit, stuff it in the hole, then spray foam over it. Critters hate the taste of copper.

    those ceiling to log connections are going to happen as the logs shrink - I would just tape off the log, then use spackling to fill it in for the < 1/4" gaps. if they are greater than 1/4", then spray foam.

    for the tile, I don't know. Maybe some trim board that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top so it will somewhat fit the curve of the log.

    But I haven't gotten this far yet.
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    Thanks for the reply. Sounds like i'll be buying lots of spray foam.

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