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Thread: Nee dsome advice on movement

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    Nee dsome advice on movement

    Hello All,

    Been a while since I posted, and I hope you are all well and safe.

    I have a question with regards to movement of my logs in my home.

    For some background, the home I am in was built 23 years ago, and I have only been in here a couple of years. The original doors and windows are Aluminium, and I am replacing with new timber. The question I have is, how much movement would I expect now, after 20 years. I can't use the same technique to attach the new windows and doors, as the method won't suit timber (was Alu) and so am looking for ideas.

    Is it a bad idea to simple attach the new doors and windows to the logs, now that they are so old?

    Thanks all,


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    I would build a frame and install it in the logs first, and then put the doors and windows in the frame.

    probably depends on what you mean by log movement - is it a kit home or does it have raw logs?
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    Agree with mudflap.

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    Thanks Guys.

    Not sure what you mean by raw logs. As mentioned, it was built a while ago. All logs are treated inside and out etc.

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    Definitely not some kit they bought. It was custom built.

    I am not sure how to upload an image or I could show you.

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