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Thread: First log home construction

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    First log home construction

    Hello to the group, I wish to build my first log home I am from Australia but want to spend 6 months a year in retirement in the USA. I am a little different than perhaps most on the forum as I do not want remote wilderness and totally off grid living. I wish to purchase a building lot and Minnesota is my chosen state. I want a wooded lot but need it reasonably close to a town or small city and want access to utilities such as electricity and town water hopefully sewage although I would install septic no problem. If anyone can give me the heads up on a great area it would be really appreciated. Would consider other states if area was suitable.

    Thank you

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    Can I just add to my initial post above that I would consider a gated community if building lot was suitable.

    Thanks again


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    Stay away from gated communities and HOA's (home owners association) I've built several homes up in that area, I really like Wassau and Osseo area of Wisconsin, it's next door to Minnesota and has very similar weather/terrain/funny accents dontcha know
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    hi there. We're building in Minnesota. we find we needed at least a half acre of last in order to work with the logs. there are many wonderful websites to assist with finding properties

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    Where can you easily get to. I live in Hawaii and it hard to get to Camano Island, Washington where we have built a log home.

    Transportation is a key. In Washington logs are available.
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    Hello to All
    I am searching on how the logs keep together? could anyone explain me how to make all the logs tight together? what kind of screw do you guys use to stick logs on top of each other?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hello, Reza. Welcome to the site.

    You may want to browse the gallery ( to see what these homes look like. They're not screwed tightly together, though.

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