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Thread: Log house : Log Jam Chinkin with mesh ?

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    Log house : Log Jam Chinkin with mesh ?

    Hi to everyone !

    I just moved to a log house and the logs outside were filled with a mix I'm not responsible for but anyway, it does the isolation part. But I had nothing inside.
    So I did a traditional mix (several times) with portland cement / lime / sand to fill the inside logs. It was almost the first time I did this kind of work but anyway the result is ok.
    For a few spots I used mesh to help the mix to stick in between the logs (especially when it was "in the void" = subject to gravity)

    But, Iím about to use for the first time Log Jam (Sashco) because I was curious of what it is and how it could help me for some tiny spots (I dont have time to do another concrete batch at the moment).

    My question is : as you can see on the pictures, the spot I need to do is a beam in the ceiling, so really subject to gravity (and it's a tight space), so do I also need to staple mesh like I would do with my previous concrete mix, or because the Log Jam mix and composition are different, it's gonna be stickier and I can avoid mesh ?

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    What is the darkness on the right side of the second picture? Maybe it's just a shadow, hopefully not mold/water damage?
    If it is water damage, you'll want to find the leak above, before trying to seal that.

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    Hey and thanks for your quick answer !
    Oh sorry about that, it's only rodent steel wool.
    So depending of the space I have I'm probably removing them (it's from the previous owner) or pushing them all the way in.

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    Log jam doesn't mesh with mesh. You need backer rod.
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