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Thread: Northman's Stick Build

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    Northman's Stick Build

    Doing an addition on our home, took the class 6 years ago. Sadly couldn't do the log thing for a multitude of reasons.

    We had a porch that had alot of water damage and was in ROUGH shape so we demoed it out. I HIGHLY recommend the Axe sawzall blades not from Diablo but the other brand that fleet farm carries. Can't remember. They cut through the shingles like crazy!

    porch demo.jpgporch demo.jpg

    that was day 1, took about 4 hours after work. Filled a 20 yard dumpster with ease, got another dumpster and cut through the tile floor, that ate some sawzall blades! I managed to only have to cut 2 of them thankfully and picked them up with the tractor and dumped them in the trash.

    porch demo 2.jpg

    After that it took a while to get excavators in, I went with an ICF basement, it was awesome. I did the drain tile and waterproofing but nothing else. The quote I got was so ridiculously low I felt it was worth it to get the foundation part of it right and get the project moving so I could spend more of my time on other more bang for my buck projects. I did get to watch the process though and learned alot, I could have done it myself but it would have been pretty slow with just one man.

    I've been doing all the framing. Its 8' walls and I put the trusses on top of the walls. I wish I had gone deeper and done them on hangers, I'll elaborate later as to why. My wife really wanted to have the first floor level so little kids aren't falling down all the time.

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    We haven't picked out a front door yet so I kinda just left it open. I'll have to figure that out pretty soon though because I'm ready to put up walls on the second floor. I'd be doing that right now but its raining cats and dogs .. . .

    Attachment 4232

    Attachment 4233

    I got the wall sheathing done Friday, 3 more trusses up on the second floor, I have 2 left but until I cut the eves off the existing house I can't put them where they need to be.

    Back to the first post - this is where I knew I'd hit trouble! the original house is 2x8 "trusses" with a girder down the middle. The first floor is level, the second floor though is trusses that are 20" high (since I cantilevered them out another 2') they are monsters. 20"- 8" is 12". well the floor to ceiling height thanks to the roofline where those two are going to join is 6' 10" minus the 12" difference and you better be 5'8 or so to fit in there without rearranging your hair!

    flooring 2.jpg

    I'll have to be creative about rooflines. Or I tear off the entire old roof and redo it. I suppose a guy could just rip off the parts where the "new rafters" would attach and patch into it there and roof over the old roof? IDK I'll figure it out once I get the floor over there and see how far up I need to go.

    pic of my dog and our youngest chilling out.

    boy and dog.jpg
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    So, when do you year down the rest of the house and build the rest of the mansion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loghousenut View Post
    So, when do you year down the rest of the house and build the rest of the mansion?

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    that happens when I reside it this fall and find all the other problems lol

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