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Thread: LHBA homes and hot weather

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    LHBA homes and hot weather

    Since our build is in northern Minnesota, some might say we don't have the right to talk about how LHBA homes fair in hot weather.

    But it's 93 F in the shade here today and due to some passive cooling efforts, the inside our cabin up in the loft (the warmest part of our cabin) didn't get any higher than 73F.

    I LOVE LHBA!!!

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    When we heat we can get temp up to 68 with propane stove on low to medium. When warmer we have not seen above 72 usually 68-70. The other thing I notice is when running in and out repeatedly, we don't get a cold or hot spot around the door. As soon as the door is closed it feels 2 ' from the door the same as 20' from the door. Gotta love it.

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    Thank You Skip Ellsworth.

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    Every time I have strayed from the teachings of Skip Ellsworth it has cost me money.

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    I cool my 25x25 with a 12k btu window unit in the loft. If it is going to be a hot one, I try to get it started mid morning and leave the doors closed as much as possible (still under construction). Last summer I was there 3 consecutive days, and by the 2nd hot afternoon, it really wasn't cycling on that much. And I only have 2" of foil faced insulation over my decking because it is just a weekend getaway place.

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