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Thread: Greetings from Kola

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    Thanks Don ! And yes, I stumbled onto this young bucks info not too long ago. He's a sharp cookie (not as sharp as our Cookie Rod R. tho !)

    I am practically building the exact model he has presented on this page (except I went with Outback controller and OB inverter) see here :

    BTW, I bit the bullet and bought 4 Battle Born 12v 100 ampers. They are sitting on my kitchen table. Back that that young buck- I really like his solar system layout, clean and simple...and safe.

    I'm building my own solar array mount set-up. It'll be more like a solar array I'm building it out of pressure treated 4x4's with 6x6 sliders (feet/pads). This way I can move it around (as needed) and it'll have a simple pivot provision for adjusting sun angles.
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