Before you start to laugh at the possibility: my husband and I were married in our log home (my father walked me down the aisle and 2 years later died unexpectedly - I just can't imagine leaving this home!). It was built in 1979 and is a true log cabin not pre-fab. It's on 2 acres and is being encroached by development so we want out some day sooner than later. It is a dream cabin with over 2,000 sf on main level and loft and a 2,000 sf basement. Not to mention the memories we have made here.
We watch a lot of barnwood builders and see that they disassemble and reassemble historic cabins all the time...so...is it even possible that we could hire it done to ours?! We have a chance to purchase 8 acres of land in a much more rural area. Rather than spend 200k to build a new house can we just move ours?!