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    It's hip to be square.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark View Post
    It's hip to be square.
    I met him during the 2002 Olympics in Ogden Utah. We had just left his concert and were walking towards the car, and a limousine pulls up next to us. The window rolls down, and he lifts his sunglasses (it's about 9:00 at night in February) and asks, "hey....any of you know where I can get a drink in this town?" I said, "yeah- just keep going about another block - then turn left on 25th street - all the bars are down that street. Great concert, by the way."

    "Thanks." and a wink.

    My wife was like "how do you know this stuff? and who was that guy?" (we're Mormon, and she's now my ex for being non-musical, among other things).

    "I love this town."
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    I had one divorce me because she was TOO musical. All she wanted to do was whatever the band wanted to do...

    assorted bands...

    multiple bands...

    myriad bands...

    any band...

    I don't know why. She sure wasn't muchuva singer.

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