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Thread: NIAC Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage Dec. 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChainsawGrandpa View Post
    Built a trial greenhouse. Just wanted to see if the proof of concept was viable. Went to my sister's for Thanksgiving several years ago. Took fresh vegetables.
    "Where'd you get those?" (The quality was obvious).
    "From our place."
    "I picked them about an hour ago."
    220' of floor = 65% of the food for one person (no, 297' of greenhouse floor won't provide 100% of the food for one person). Angle iron running the length of the greenhouse. A beam has skateboard trucks riding on the angle iron. The beam has a sled that rides on the beam, and the planter, grower, harvester lies of the sled. Use double pane sliding door glass for the top. The greenhouse has concrete walls that are 6' into the ground. Put an electric fence around the greenhouse to keep the deer from crashing through.

    A freezer/ref'r is also pretty simple. Mostly just mass and insulation. The rest is just minor details.
    Sounds pretty amazing!

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    +2c keeping one goat and a few chicken might be a good strategy for eggs and milk.

    Garden would be a must. There are many inspiring youtube videos about growing greens during the winter time.

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