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Thread: I want a LHBA home but old age and necessity changed things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kola View Post

    Everyone should live in a tipi for 2 years. Bare-bones living. Your appreciation for everything will be increased tenfold.

    Maybe having a "Tipi Retreat" would be a cool business endeavor. Unless they are too many wimps who wouldn't want to do it ! poke poke.... jk
    They have "glamping" in quite a few places now, it's fun. Canvas tents with a real bed and a tiny wood stove. We did it in Moab a couple years ago.
    Completed #1 - Sold #1.....#2 about to start

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    Yes, I think it's a great idea, Shark !

    I still haul my own water into my ranch, from a natural occurring artesian well. Doing so really makes you appreciate what most folks take fer' granted -municipal running water. OTOH hand that city stuff tastes nasty, I can't drink it.

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