Hello, We are experiencing mold growth on our newly pressure washed logs. They look beautiful after removing bark with pressure washer. Some are starting to get moldy. We are freaking out! I have heard of borate solution. Looking for something less expensive. We have read about baking soda and vinegar. What are your thoughts on this. The logs are in a covered building with a sand base. They are raised about a foot off the ground. We are also building it in this shed and have put plastic down. It seems that thos logs are not getting moldy. Altho yesterday we found some mold where the two logs have been notched together. This is red pine from our woods that we cut and peeled. We did pressure wash a second time to emove the mold and worked well. We do not want to do this again as we have read it will ruin our logs. Ready to put on a prevention coating. Thanks for any input.