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Thread: DIY Mold prevention solution

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    DIY Mold prevention solution

    Hello, We are experiencing mold growth on our newly pressure washed logs. They look beautiful after removing bark with pressure washer. Some are starting to get moldy. We are freaking out! I have heard of borate solution. Looking for something less expensive. We have read about baking soda and vinegar. What are your thoughts on this. The logs are in a covered building with a sand base. They are raised about a foot off the ground. We are also building it in this shed and have put plastic down. It seems that thos logs are not getting moldy. Altho yesterday we found some mold where the two logs have been notched together. This is red pine from our woods that we cut and peeled. We did pressure wash a second time to emove the mold and worked well. We do not want to do this again as we have read it will ruin our logs. Ready to put on a prevention coating. Thanks for any input.

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    I think being in the shed is actually contributing to your mold issues. A little sunshine goes a long way at keeping mold at bay. Good ventilation through the shed should also help a lot.

    Hard to get much cheaper than simple Borax, rat poison (boric acid), and water homebrew. Adding antifreeze helps it soak deeper into the wood, but at an added cost. Baking soda and vinegar? Other than lots of fizzy action, I don't know how effective it would be. I don't think any harm would occur if you do, so why not try an experiment on one log?

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    Thank you for responding. The shed does have large doors on all sides that are open. We do get a good breeze in there. We have had a wet spring in WI. I like the sun idea but in and out with 40 logs doesnt work so well. Maybe we will just try the borate solution for now.

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    Borate doesn't stop mold, so that won't help. Your logs are molding because of the moisture in the wood, nothing you can do now!

    They need to dry out. 20% bleach and water will take the staining out but there are mixed reviews on if that's a good idea or not.

    Next time (lol) let the logs season and dry out with the back on them. After 6 months the bark would fall off a pine log with no molding.

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    I think borate does kill the mold:

    it needs sunshine and air flow.
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    Well my mold was immune to borate I know that for a FACT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoner7 View Post
    Well my mold was immune to borate I know that for a FACT!
    Thoner did you just use bleach and water to get rid of it?
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    Yes. I did like 20% bleach/water. Stronger works better tho. I also had chemical burns on my back from my sprayer leaking.

    It also takes forever to do. If I were to do it again, I'd fill up a 55 gallon drum or 33 gallon trash can with bleach and water and use a sump pump to spray it out a garden house.

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    Bleach will do the trick. I went 50/50

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