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Thread: Pex Plumbing and Rats?

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    New neighbors brought a house that groundhogs lived under the front porch. I offered them a turnkey solution but the male went out and bought a have-a-heart trap. He put it in the middle of the front yard - no where near the hole.
    I can't say he put the blankly inside but someone did.
    I killed 4 last year. Not sure why it's my job but oh well.
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    Funny when people think catching a groundhog is like catching a domesticated kitten.

    I finally found where he moved to and had the trap set up there for several days. Smart bugger, this one. Would steal the bait out of it, and never make himself seen during the day. Then one day, after returning from the diner for breakfast, he was in the trap that he had already robbed of bait. Go figure.
    Anyhow, the buzzards or coyotes got fed.

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    I remember the first time I caught a coon in a live trap. He/she had scraped up all the dirt from a 10" radius and pulled it into the trap with him/her into a little mound or bed. I picked the trap up by the handle and commenced to carrying it off, not thinking about the fact that the coons hands would fit through the mesh of the trap. I nearly jumped into the next County when those two cute little Raccoon hands were out and gripping my own hand. Near startled me into an apoplexy!

    That was a great raccoon. One of the only reasons to grow corn is for the meat you get out of it.
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