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Thread: Any member-built cabins in the Pacific North West?

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    Any member-built cabins in the Pacific North West?

    Hi all,
    My partner and I are looking in to building one of these log homes on his 2.5 acres near Anacortes. We currently have a tipi, tiny home type of travel trailer, and are about to start bulding a shop. The ultimate goal is a log cabin... Therefore, we were hoping to talk to some members about the class and membership benefits and hopefully get to see in person one of these butt and pass method cabins. If you are located in Washington or Oregon and would like to share any of your experience, any insight would be much appreciated. Please feel free to reach out and reply! Thank you.

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    I'm 5hrs over hwy 20 then 30 minutes up hwy 21, 99118. I don't live there full time, you'll have to come out this November or wait till next summer.

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    I've been there. He's 5hrs over hwy 20, then 30 minutes up hwy 21, then another 20 minutes up a rocky drainage ditch that he pretends is a driveway. Good parking and a great view of a neighboring Country from the top. Cool LHBA home too.

    It is worth the trip.
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    You have come to the right place. You need to build a shop out of logs as your practice build. You need to take the class so you don't do something excessively stupid. I would suggest to build a 10 by 12 to store tools etc. Then build your home. I live part time on Camano Island which is about 70 miles from Anacortes. I just left but Ill return in about 5 months when it get warmer. You may want to look at some pictures that are listed below... Good luck.
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    There are at least 4 of these houses on Whidbey Island that I know of.

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    Thanks for the reply! We might be able to make it out there this November. Too bad 20 just closed. If not, definitely in the summer. I will let you know if we could head out there in the next week or two, if you might be around. Thanks, again!

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    Thanks for the advice! Let us know when you get back in the spring. Would love to see what you've done.

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    My wife and I went to the class in Monroe many years ago- built a log home just south of Oak harbor. Been in it around 10 years give or take. There are 2 other member builds on Whidbey that I know about that are epic. Lots of local information. I will try to remember to check back in here to see if you need anything. Might be able to hook you up with some info if needed.

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    Red face Whidbey homes

    Thank you so much for the reply and sorry for the delayed response. We would love to see the Oak Harbor home and the Whidbey homes, as that is a very short drive for us. We are taking the class in February and beginning our planning possible, so as much info or tips as possible would be wonderful! Please message me so we could maybe arrange a way to meet or exchange info! Thank you so much, once again!!!

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