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Thread: Flood impact on butt and pass

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    Flood impact on butt and pass

    Watching the news of the flood makes me wonder if anyone has been through a flood with BP house. I think cleanup would be so much easier than stick homes. Has anyone experienced a flood? How was the cleanup afterward?
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    Don't know. Never will. I'm building on top of a mountain.

    But, anyone using building materials including, but not limited to, drywall, fiberglass insulation, and OSB based products, will still be tasked with a huge cleanup effort.

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    Going to have to watch this thread- we are 50 feet from a 500 year flood zone. We built up the piers to be 3 feet higher than the surrounding land, so we should be fairly safe.....should be. The neighbor's house across the street is built on a pad and he says this area has never flooded in his or his father or grandfather's lifetimes (100+ years). Still, the TN river is about 5 miles away, while the Flint river is about 1 mile away. December of 2015 saw some of the worst flooding in the area- the road that goes over the flint river is built up about 20 feet higher than the river, and it the water was still pretty close to the road. Our property has a low spot in the back that floods in the winter.

    Looking at those photos of And the remnants of Harvey are headed our way by the end of the week....
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    be safe, everyone!

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