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Thread: Seeping sap after peeling...ugh

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    Seeping sap after peeling...ugh

    Hi, new to this forum. Looking for any help I can get. We live in WI and have started a project with red pine logs. We have peeled some logs and pressure washed them and now the sap is seeping out. What is the best way to work with these logs now that the sap started? Will it stop? If we clean it off , will it come back?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Not much you can do to stop it. It'll keep flowing until it's done. I had one log on a house I built out of white pine that oozed sap for about 3 years after I built the house
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    Thank you, here is a picture of what we are dealing with. Just wondering how we can handle this wood without getting sap everywhere and getting it to stay clean. We did try to heat an area up and that helped but will take a while.

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    Just wait till you drill and bolt your brackets for girders, rpsl, etc.

    Leave a bucket under there!

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    I did not have a lot of sap, but I had winter cut white pine... I drilled through a RPSL last year for a bracket and there is still some moisture - after 7 years
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    Sap inclusions will stop, eventuality. My Doug Fir took about 4 years... Use turpentine to wipe tools, yourself down...
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    Too bad it's not maple...

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    I was wondering the same thing since I have a chance to get some white pine this summer. Not what I want to hear but at least hanging pictures will be easier, just stick'em to the wall.

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