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Thread: Sea Containers as Basement / Foundation

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    Sea Containers as Basement / Foundation

    Has anyone considered or have experience with using sea containers as your basement / foundation?
    They can carry the weight but I am wondering about engineering & approvals..... Thanks.

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    Here's what I came up with when considering burying a shipping container:

    "The first initial response when someone asks for advice on burying a container is "no, you should not try to bury a shipping container." Shipping containers are designed to carry weight in their corners. When done properly, it's not uncommon to see containers stacked four or five units high – and the weight is all carried in the corners, where the corner beams carry all of the weight. The side walls an top of a container are normally constructed of 2.0mm thick corrugated steel sheets, without additional beams for support. If you load weight of any type, dirt, boxes, or just about anything and the weight is distributed over the entire container wall or top, given time it will gradually cave in or collapse, as can been seen with this buried shipping container in Florida. Buried shipping container collapse

    If you're insistent on burying a shipping container, some people have done it successfully. One option is pouring concrete forms to support the weight from the side of the container, however if you're going that far you need to ask yourself if you really even need a container once you have the concrete forms in place. The most cost effective method that we've seen is to bury a shipping container is to use Gabion baskets. Gabion baskets are the steel cages that you often see on the highway filled with stone to support hills or as bridge abutments".
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    That answer is pretty much exactly how I would have answered.

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