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Thread: Brand new here. Some questions I can't seems to answer

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    Brand new here. Some questions I can't seems to answer

    Hi cabin people. I recently purchased a 1400sf 1-1/2 story butt and pass log home to be moved. I actually paid very little. Really just the value of the kitchen, windows and mechanicals, so not really But it has do be taken down and I hope to moved it to land I own about 10 miles away. Logs are about 1" thick flat on the top and bottom. I have some help, and while not active any longer, I was a building contractor and still have the trucks and backhoe to do heavy lifting. The longs seem to have 3/8 metal spikes every few feet holding them to the log curse below. I have a friend who took one apart and said the only way is to run a sawzall between all the flats cutting the spikes. The 8' walls are made up of about 12 the two gable ends are higher of course. He estemates that it will take one man about six hours to cut one layer off once the roof is removed and just the side walls standing. So there is that...

    Here are my questions:
    There is what appears to be a 1/4" wide by 1/2 deep groove cut on each flat side of the logs. I assume there is a piece of slim wood or maybe some sort of butyl sealer that goes in that groove when you stack one long on top of the other? I suppose if it is a solid wood that goes in would be like a piece of wood lattice pushed in and act as both a air dam and a spline to align each course? Or is it something you pack some sort of gasket material into? Also, anyone have better advice on how to break this down and when putting it back together, how to seal each course of longs on the flats from drafts and water. If figured some 1/4" foam and caulk near the outside of the butt seam. Thanks so much. Doesn't seem like rocket science..just can't find the best practice here.

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    Sorry Spam, Seems like you're barking up a tree that grows different than your tree does. There are a ton of variants to the way milled houses are put together and none of them do it the way we do it here in LHBAland.

    If it was mine, I'd tear into it at an ugly spot and see for sure what is going on where the spike goes through and play it by ear.
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    Sell that wood to some folks that will pay good money for it and start over from scratch. You will find best practice for that right here.

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