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Thread: Headed to vegas

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    Headed to vegas

    for the labor day weekend class 2017. Anyone have advice on things to bring for class? Extra notebooks? Extra Large Coffee cups?

    I was just smart enough to bring along my off duty commander. I have been lurking and reading the public stuff for a couple years and talking about it with her. She is just starting to read here.

    Tirnan aka Grant

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    I can only suggest that you come prepared for a long day one. Whatever that entails for you, do it.
    “None of us is as smart as all of us.” ― Kenneth H. Blanchard

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    welcome aboard Grand and Commander
    come to class well-rested. bring more than one writing utensil. come to class with an open mind. if you're anything like us, you'll hear a lot of new ways of thinking.
    congratulations on this first big step!

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    Hello Tirnan, Also will be attending class next month. Been waiting a long time to sign up. Where you from? I am from California and looking to build here as well. Class may be long but I bet the time will fly by. Look forward to meeting you. Chris

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    The best piece of advice I can offer is, arrive (at least) one day earlier than day of the class, and leave (at least) one day after the class. I couldn't believe the number of people that left DURING the class I attended, so they could catch their flights. The time buffer eases the load on your mind, and allows you to take in so much more.

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    Wish I could Rod. We come in Thursday morning, but have to leave late Sunday night. I have been wanting to come to class for two years and am pretty certain that I have read almost all 92 pages of the public forum. If I lose a couple hours of class Sunday night I will cry in my beer just a little on the flight back, but I will be back if it is as good as I hope. If this works out well for us I am bringing 3 or 4 of my adult children back in the Spring for the next one. They are interested also. One is learning plumbing, another has a bunch of basic welding certs.

    Chris, we are in Albuquerque NM but plan to build in the Idaho Falls ID area or possibly far northern ID in a few years. I grew up in So Cal (Malibu and Manhattan Beach mostly), and we had a house on the edge of the forest service in Mammoth. Most of our family is still out there, but my of duty commander (Bride for nearly 20 years) and I feel Idaho fits better with our desires and outlook, while still offering jobs we can work to support our potential sawdust habit.

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    Hi Rod, Thanks for suggestion. But early arrival could be dangerous in Vegas? I too will be in town a day early and departing Sun PM. Flight late enough that class time should not be missed. Class is close to airport. Do they really go for another full 12 hours the second day. Bet everyone's eyes are glazed over by late Sunday. It will still be great. They would have added a 3rd day if they needed it. I trust they have it down to a science. Secret is be a good boy Sat night.

    Tirnan, sounds like you have a work crew already to go. ID sounds great. Look forward to meeting you next month.

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    I look forward to meeting you too. We plan to be very mellow Saturday night also. Probably just grab food and get the beauty rest.

    I should be easy to spot. I'll be the bald fat old guy with glasses.

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    I think we finished up a little early the second day. I imagine they factor in hold ups and folks with a lot of questions. The only thing I would suggest is to carry a jacket or sweatshirt in case the room is cold. I enjoyed arriving the day before and leaving the day after. It was worth not worrying about delayed or missed flights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirnan View Post
    I should be easy to spot. I'll be the bald fat old guy with glasses.
    I donno, there's lots of folks in costumes around there.

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