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Thread: Best place for good affordable land?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoner7 View Post
    I would look for land with all the services already in place, like an old mobile home. Driveway/Elec/septic problems are destroying my budget.

    And obviously stay out of NY!!!!
    I'm putting in power right now at my lot, hooking it up to a shipping container to be my "construction/shop" trailer. (Some pics here:

    It's going to cost me almost $15,000 for just electric, and that's with me doing all the work with equipment I already own. The power company is really bending me over for being 650ft from the road...

    I still have water and gas to install someday too.

    You can't get away with anything cheap in New York State, that's for damn sure...

    So yeah, if at all possible a lot with services already installed is a great idea lol!

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    I would choose a Free State
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    Wyoming is a wonderful land of small amounts of bureaucracy. Land is cheap. The downside is finding a good paying job. If you are a retiree and don't mind harsh winters, then there are a lot of good options out west.

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    if you don't care where you live, you can get free land in Kansas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inoh View Post
    if you don't care where you live, you can get free land in Kansas
    Wow, that's pretty interesting.

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    I have a small (720sf) place in eastern Washington, off grid. Looking for a member be caretaker, very reasonable rents. Can owner finance. Area code 99118.
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    "I used and saved a search. That's great for getting a very good feel for market values ($/acre is what I followed). Drive everywhere and walk a lot of land. A lot!"
    We have family in southern Indiana so that's a draw for us. We love the rolling hills and the beautiful fall foliage. We created and saved searches on and researched property for about a year. We walked the properties and used a budget. Getting all the pieces to fit took some time.
    It is so true that affordable to one person may not be to another. Enjoy the search as much as possible and if married, listen to each other and only make an offer when there is agreement on the land and the price.

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    Don't rule out areas simply based on average sale prices. I stole mine for $2k/acre via private sale, while anything being offered by realtors was going for $4k+/acre.

    Trying to keep to an affordable price will have you looking at a lot of crap land. Took me three years to finally hit on mine.

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    I got my 63 acres for ~$950/acre, but that was back in 2003.

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    Rural land in central Arkansas is pretty cheap. I bought 60 acres with a mobile home, shop, 3 water wells with electricity in 2 places, rv hook up and sewer for the rv for $59k. I also got 100% mineral rights.

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