I need some help folks. Here's what I got and what I want.

Two 150 watt solar panels rated at ~20v
Two 75 watt panels rated at ~20v
not sure about the listed amps but will post asap (if needed)

Four 12 volt deep cycle batteries and two 6 volt Trojan T-105's ( I am unsure of the amperage but I'll look and re-post asap)

Outback flexmax 80 MPPT

Xantrax 1800 powerhub inverter (I am thinking of replacing this juice sucking POS)

I want to be able to run a small laptop computer, one or two LED lights, but my biggest hurdle is to be able to run my Enviro III pellet stove which lists the amp draw at 3 amps ( 120v x 3 = 360 watts) I disconnected the ignitor and will light it manually as the surge and current draw would be too much IMO.

So ! What is the best way to hook up my solar array to hit the sweet spot? I know I can hook them in series to run higher voltages safely into my flexmax ( no higher than 144 is listed in my manual )

I have tons of available sun here in Colorado. Will 450 watts of solar panels be enough to fully charge my batteries and most importantly will there be enough storage to run my pellet stove at night?

I would think running my batteries for 24v's would be best? And if so could a simple schematic be laid out for me..same goes for my panels.

Any help would be appreciated..also love the website and forum !