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Thread: Crane for sale

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    Crane for sale

    I built my LHBA house with it
    Good little crane.
    Much cheaper to buy then sell, than rent something etc.

    I'll put the details here as well, in case the craiglist post expires:

    You can email me at:

    Its an off-road crane.
    I bought this from a log home builder, who was purchasing a larger crane himself.

    I built my log house with it. The most extreme lifting I did with it, was almost fully extended (60') , to the side, and I picked up a 1500 lbs log.

    Runs really well.
    I replaced the blower in it a few years ago.
    Never had any real problems with it.

    P & H
    60' boom
    7 1/2 ton ball
    4 wheel drive
    4 wheel steering.
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    Good deal for someone.

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    Looks like a nice sturdy crane. I have looked at a couple of these myself, and my uncle owned a similar one for his contracting business. When he retired he sold it for about what he paid for it. Good return on investment! I don't have that kind of money laying around right now but they are good for this type of work!

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    The place I got my grader has one of these. Considering the buy/use/sell thing myself.

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