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Thread: logs and low cost housing in Nicaragua

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    logs and low cost housing in Nicaragua

    Hi, im in Nicaragua and trying to put logs together with the enormous need we have for low cost housing. We have large teak plantations which have low value 5,6,7" diameter thinnings. Im looking for ideas on assembly systems and log processing for that kind of diameter. Low cost housing here is theoretically simple stuff, single skin, warm all year, it doesnt have to seal perfectly but does have to keep the water out and stand up to earthquakes. The key thing is that it has to be simple and low cost. We are aiming to do several thousand homes. I would love to hear from anyone with any ideas or interest in this kind of project. Thanks!

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    Matt, it's not in our wheelhouse.

    Id think a pole barn/timber frame would be the way to go. Good luck.


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    I think teak would do well for butt and pass. If you can get them long enough, 5-7 inches would be fine for thickness and strength if u did just one story. You'd probably have to drill through both logs not just the top one since it is so hard. I believe it is impervious to water and bugs.
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    What are the size of the structure perimeter wise. Like Mr Smith said you can do one story. If logs are short, may be u can do bumpouts. Large roof is a must. If it is in the budget, I would recommend taking the class. Good luck.

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