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Thread: PEX radiant sub-floor heating under basement floor

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    That looks like the earthship system. - Wait, no it doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip1972 View Post
    With the use of a wood fired boiler or furnace with a water jacket ( to be used for radiant floor heating and DHW. How many zones and size of the zones can determine the boiler or hot water heater size?And temperature requirements? Water tank is required for these systems? Can antifreeze mix be used so that the system could be shut off?

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    Has anyone tried to cool a house with the in floor heating system?
    Zoning is best done "by floor." Sizing is an elaborate calculation based on home's heat loss calculations and environment conditions like heat/cooling degree days. There is no way you'll get an answer on here for what you'll need. Wood fired boilers always have a water jacket/tank. An additional tank and circulator would be required for domestic hot water. Antifreeze can be used, but does add quite a bit to the cost, and actually slightly lowers efficiency, due to lower thermal transfer of the fluid. If you are going to heat potable water, a non-toxic antifreeze should be chosen in case of a heat exchanger failure.

    As for cooling, yea, that doesn't work.
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    Cooling can work. Rehau does it. I learned details at one of their seminars a few years ago. Sorry, I've forgotten most details since then, but remembered the important thing: They do cooling.

    Concerns about condensation are valid. Basically, your cooling load must not exceed the threshhold that leads to condensation. In Arizona, your numbers should work great. In Redmond, Washington, probably not. I'd contact Rehau to learn how to run those numbers for your location.

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