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Thread: Got my solar power off-grid system up and running (finally)

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    Awesome batteries. Had ten (12v) in the space of two normal wheelchair batteries in my powerchair. Crazy expensive short term. Drove further, by far faster because of the steady juice and lasted for years. Could run them down like your laptop battery and then get a full charge in no time. Not sure of practicality due to the expensive nature of those high tech batteries.

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    I have not, but would be interested in how they compare. Specifically, I like to measure cost, and not just for one battery. That's because batteries are different, so cost per battery comparisons still amount to comparing apples and oranges.

    So I figure out kilowatts-hours (energy) one battery delivers from full charge to "empty" (proper discharge level, not run down to 0 volts).

    I also assume the battery will need replacement at the end of the warranty period. That's far from perfect, I know, but two things are important about that assumption: battery manufacturers generally lie about the same (AFAIK), and batteries surely don't last forever. (NiFe would likely last past my "expiration date", life expectancy, but I still do that math).

    My measure, then, is dollars/KWH/year. I wish all battery manufacturers would advertise their batteries with my measure, for easy comparison.


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