Has anyone used laminated logs, such as from Great Lakes Laminated Logs, to build with? I am looking at the insulated ones especially but I was wondering if they are too uniform looking? I want a natural looking log home and of course inexpensive to build. My husband and I are trying to sell our home in Texas and build our log home in Colorado where he is currently working and living. When we sell, we will only have a short time to buy our land and build a home to live in and we plan to retire there as well. We have lived in Colorado before so we know what to expect as far as weather, we only lived in Texas for a short time for his work and it didn't suit us, we are mountain people. Anyway, we are looking for the least expensive, least maintenance, energy efficeint, fastest home we can build. We will take any and all suggestions and advice. We are considering taking the class as well but need advice soon. Thanks, Sue Smith