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Thread: reality check

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    I know how it feels like to attempt to work outside during the winter. Miserable, totally miserable! Perhaps the winter will give you the psych break you need to finish....

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiralsands View Post
    Am I wrong in remembering that Brooke is a single mom with about 4 or 5 kids? Maybe the lucky members with spouses and significant others shouldn't pig-pile on the woman and insinuate that she is too lazy to wait for her golden perfect log home. Despite everyone's high opinion of themselves as members here, being judgmental of the homes of others and their needs is small of character. Sometimes a mom would just be happy with a conventional cottage. There is nothing wrong with that. I don't think she needs a sales pitch at this stage of the game.

    Rock on Frances, 100% agreed

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    to all of you that have built or are building what's the hardest part of your build so far if i may ask ,foundation,stacking logs chinking or other?

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    What ever you are doing right now.

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    Are you talking physical work, mental work, monetary delays, available time, getting permits, or something else?

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    It's different on different builds, but I hate the inside finish work. First I hate being inside. Second you can work hard all day and it looks the same as when you got there. If you are stacking logs or putting the roof together you see lots of progress happening. Inside work seems to just eat time with little to show.
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    Toughest part for us was pulling the trigger on the starting gun. This place I'm plugging away on is the first time I have had to deal with the County Inspectors. I worried so much about it that I'm surprised I don't have hemorrhoids from all that puckering. Once we made the first inquiry, everything relaxed and they have been a pleasure to deal with.

    Since then it is just one step, or half step, at a time and I have enjoyed every minute. Maybe not every minute of peeling, but most of the other minutes.
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    Physically for me was the roof. I didn't have a lift to get my materials up so it all went up a ladder.
    Second to that was plumbing, just because I hate plumbing. It was all hard work but I loved falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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    thanks guys for all your input i appreciate it!

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    I wonder if Darin's eyes have glazed over yet...

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