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Thread: Wisconsin newbie

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    you're welcome to join us Darin but we're building during the week not the weekend and not entirely sure how much longer we'll be building this season. sort of depends on the weather and when the snow's coming let us know your plans and we'll let you know what we're up to?

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    Hi Darin,
    My wife and I will start building next spring as well up on Lake Petenwell. I am just putting the finishing touches on the sawmill I built(Now building a trailer to haul it and move logs around) and am currently working on getting logs procured. I currently live in the Madison area.

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    Hi Darin,
    How are you? Your welcome here. Were building in Horicon. Were in the process of finishing the outside chinking of our build. Here are a few pics of our log home.

    Tim and Gracie

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    Oh! That is so nice! How big?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    Oh! That is so nice! How big?

    thanks! it's 35 x 35.

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    That thing is turning into a work of art, ain't it?

    PS... Did you ever notice how many TJ's there are around here?
    Every time I have strayed from the teachings of Skip Ellsworth it has cost me money.

    I love the mask mandate. I hardly ever have to bruh my teeth anymore.

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    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'll be sure to reach out to a few of you that are in our neighborhood so to speak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loghousenut View Post
    That thing is turning into a work of art, ain't it?

    it sure is! you got to make it look pretty you know...

    PS... Did you ever notice how many TJ's there are around here?
    I know, right? but there's only one LHN, so your one of a kind, nut.


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    Smile Another WI newbie

    Quote Originally Posted by Darin View Post
    I'm new and thought I'd introduce myself. We're northwest of Madison Wisconsin and are shopping for property and hope to start building next spring. We're also hoping to take the class in Feb.

    Anyone building in Wisconsin?
    Also from WI that just joined. Will be taking class in Feb.
    Building cabin in the U.P.
    Hope to meet you at the class.

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    Darin, I went to UW Madison ( political science) now my wife & I live on the Washington/ Idaho border ;-) soft spot for Wisconsinites. But u suffer those long winters ..... We have the shortest winter in the country. You need to take the class in Feb. it will open u up to the forum in ways that will support you in your build. Good luck

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