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Thread: Wisconsin newbie

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    Wisconsin newbie

    I'm new and thought I'd introduce myself. We're northwest of Madison Wisconsin and are shopping for property and hope to start building next spring. We're also hoping to take the class in Feb.

    Anyone building in Wisconsin?

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    I just built one outside of Osseo, and will be working on another outside of Wausau in a couple weeks.
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    we're building in MN. close enough?

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    Where about in MN? How far along are you?

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    Does the UP count - come up anytime you want - Foundation, logs stacked and roof done - with a little chinking done as well
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    Excellent. Love da UP. We spent a fair amount of time up there over the summer. We were hoping to spend some time in Hiawatha National Forest as the leaves were changing, but the schedule hasn't been conducive.

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    hi there Darin.
    the garage is pretty much done except for some interior walls to create a work room, bathroom and house the compressor.
    the cabin roof is going up now. last of the plywood should go up tomorrow and the metal roof should start next week

    join us? we're building in zip code 56537

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    Quote Originally Posted by panderson03 View Post
    join us? we're building in zip code 56537
    Could be fun. We're about 7 hours away. We might be able to break away for a weekend to come up next month.

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    Hi Darin, welcome! I went to college in Madison, political science. Haven't been back for ages, discovered Washington state.
    Shortest winter in the U. S!! Oh yeah it's possible to live above the latitude of Madison with a SHORTER winter, So my wife & I settled in the Spokane area. Glad to have you on board

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    Short winter? ... Spokane?... Well maybe if you don't mind snow.

    PS... I like Spokane just fine. Great log home country... I just never thought of growing tomatoes there.
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