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Thread: Experience with, and opinions of, outdoor wood boilers.

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    We have them all over south central Missouri. They have really grown in use over the past 12 - 15 years....people talk, people compare, and people keep buying them! So they must be working out.

    As pointed out, many people I know don't split the wood and burn it very green. Flue fires are not a concern, and people usually just burn a really hot flaming fire once a month or so.....tap the flue to loosen any and it is cleaned and burned out.

    They can also be fit or tied into an existing hot water system or furnace.

    If I were building a new house to live in, I'd do radiant heat and hot water off of one of these furnaces. But for the cabin I'm building, I'm going with a Blaze King wood stove and a small electric hot water heater.

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    That's exactly what I'm doing Plumb. Doing slab heat in the basement and want to do staple up or some kind of radiant heat on the first floor. I'm not sure I'll even need heat for the second floor.

    We are installing a wood stove I got for free (the stove pipe, not so free) because you NEED a stove or fireplace in a log cabin!!! I'm not sure how much I'll use that stove for heat as much as ambiance.

    I'm worried tho about my propane bill. I don't want to have it be hundreds per month, and I don't want to install the tubing if I use the wood stove 24/7. I have plenty of hardwoods on to heat for many lifetimes. The wood boiler sounds like a great idea. But more and more $$$$$

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