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Thread: First Class in 2015, any of you going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by panderson03 View Post
    so glad you're signed up for Class Northman.
    that way you can come see our build in the spring. we're building in area code 56537
    Oh you're about 2.5 hours away from me in 55330 :/ I'd love to live in NE MN up near duluth or even NW/West WI.

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    both very beautiful locations

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    Looking forward to meeting everyone

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    Aw, the stuff that dreams are made of.......

    How I wish to be on that face of this divide.

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    It is great to see who is signing up for the Class and look forward to meeting everyone there!!!

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    Should be an exciting group of people!
    "Hand Crafted Traditions"

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    where is everyone staying ?
    I was trying to make the last class in November , when I was looking at room rates Harrah's was only about $40 a night , now the February rate is $140 .
    and if they do another class in may the rate is about the same $142.

    looked at staying elsewhere and using the monorail but in the end the savings were not worth the hassle .

    I will know if I can make this class later this week .

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    hope you can come, Mr P

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    Me and the Wife are staying at the SLS, the cheapest place we could find , but still big time ouch !!!
    It is Valentine weekend so I'm guessing that has a lot to do with the pricing

    Really looking forward to the weekend

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    well got signed up for the class, used some miles and staying at the Tropicana .
    see yall their ,have a great turkey day ! im going hunting .

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