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    Quote Originally Posted by Brook View Post
    Can I be the voice of caution?

    First of all, you will not learn everything you need to know in class. It's only two days and it is not hands on. There are some big mistakes you can make with this method and there is not enough info in class given to help someone who is not a builder avoid those mistakes. I know because I took the class, I have no background in construction, am building, and am making those mistakes. I can not turn back now, but I would if I could. I would build a stick house if I had it to do over. It would be faster, easier and cheaper. I would be done by now.

    I will love looking at my logs when it is done, but they are making life and house building so much harder than it has to be. Nothing in a house of this type will be straight, square or level ever. Think about that. It means the time and effort to do even simple things will be amplified exponentially. People take years and years to build these houses. House building does not have to be that hard. If you pay someone to help you build and you pay by the hour, you will be paying for that complexity. The time and money involved is more than you are led to expect in class.

    I'm not even entirely convinced that the concept is "without fault". I doubt it can ever be satisfactorily sealed and I suspect that energy efficiency and weather tightness could be lacking. Yes, a log is great insulation, across it widest girth, but what about the chinking? What about the chinking gaps? I have yet to live in my house but I can imagine many potential problems and I hear about them from others.

    I am sorry to sound so negative but this is actually a difficult technique. Yes, you CAN do it. But, you can also possibly get in over your head, be unable to reverse course, and be sorry. I wish you luck with whatever you choose.
    Brook, I'm always on the side of hearing the naysayer minority but I think you have missed the whole LHBA premise. This is not the quickest, cheapest, simplest, longest lastingest, least amount of experience needest, no mortgage necessariest way for a family to build a home. This is all those things for a family to build a log home. If you want a log home and want all those "est's" this is one of (I think the best) the ways for a family to accomplish it.

    The internet is rife with problems and solutions and solutions to the last problem for "log" kit houses. You got off easy by not building a kit. There are other ways to build a real log home but they have their problems also and a certain expertise is required to make them work. Be happy that you are not building a chinkless notched log house. Had you hired a log home contractor to assist you folks in building a chinkless notched home you couldn't afford it and it could easily still turn into one of those internet nightmares that you read about.

    Nothing is square and that happens in any real log home. Yours may be better or worse than mine but it is still a log home and can't be compared to a stick house where everything HAS to be square. This is a handmade house that will show every flaw as a bit of your character... relish it. Your place is you. Any problem with that rascal floor framing is the kind of a rookie mistake that I, or anyone else around here coulda made at some point in their lives. I hammered my first nail long ago and I'll bet I bent it. Now get in there and straighten that thing out like I straightened out that nail. It was built by man/woman and it can be fixed by man/woman.

    Your place is taking longer than it might if you'd built a stick house but it's going up faster than my place is. I still love my place and you will too if I ever get done. I could get on the phone today and have a crew out here next week to make quick work of it and I'd still be way ahead of the money game for a log home. Please don't compare your home or mine to a stick home. They are not... in many ways.

    If this system can't work for you, I think you are the exception.

    Nah... on second thought I think you just hit the wall and got all worried that the world is a mess because of some problem or other and had to hit the pillow a bit. Keep plugging away at it and build a home that your Grandkids will be proud of. You can do it.
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    Every time I have strayed from the teachings of Skip Ellsworth it has cost me money.

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