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Thread: Quick Employee Housing Ideas

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    Quick Employee Housing Ideas

    The farmhouse had a fire in the diesel furnace and has fire damage beyond repair. I'm thinking a nice used double wide manufactured home might be a good idea. unfortunately do not have the time right now to build a log home.
    If there are any other ideas I'm all ears.
    PS- This isn't my house, it'll be for an employee and his family.

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    As much as I hate trailer houses, that's the cheap, quick, fix. While I never wanted to spend 20 years in ours, the ugly trailer has been very serviceable. For an employee, I'd think you would want something prettier than ours but for family, a little junky trailer is just fine.
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    That's exactly what I would do.

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    Make it four votes. I can't think of anything faster than that option.
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    For cost efficiency in both purchase and moving it to the property, I'd go with a long single wide. They are also easier to sell and move off the property...

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