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Thread: We're IN. Vegas here we come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAB View Post
    It seems like during all of the reading I've done lately there was atleast one more user that had Utah in their name.
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    Jason is up in Woodruff about an hour away.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondie View Post
    Hi Lightin'

    I have been telling him tales about a cabin, foundation to roof in 9 days! I told him he could see the photos on the other side!

    In reality it was 8.5 days, but I don't like to brag....
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    I am sorry to have mis-spoken! It was 8.5 days. I will call him and tell him!


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    Rck, small world. Bountiful is a very nice area. And it's right in the middle of me and Blondie. Layton-Bountiful-SLC

    Blondie set me straight with a lot of helpful info. Thanks Blondie! Next time I go to Bear Lake I'll have to go through Woodruff and see if I can find Jason's cabin. Thanks to all!


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    There is an unreal drive up to Woodruff. If you go up Ogden canyon to I-35 and then north-east to Woodruff. The road is closed during the winter due to high snow. The drive is across the tops of the mountain ridges. The views go on for one hundred miles and is the closest thing to outback Alaska I have seen in the states.


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