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Thread: Wofati eco building

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    Wofati eco building

    wofati eco building

    Imagine living in something that looks like a log cabin from the inside, but:
    ◦it has more light
    ◦it doesn't need heat or A/C
    ◦it is three times faster to build
    ◦it costs about five times less

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    If you love dirt domes you'll love this...
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    Pretty interesting read, would be fun for a weekend place.
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    I remember when that $50 underground house was brand new. Back then $50 was a pretty good chunk of dough for a hippie to come up with all at once.
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    I looked at all the pics from that build and I got the uncomfortable feeling that after the dirt was all on, they would be playing a giant game of "pick-up-sticks". I don't think I would feel safe under all that dirt weight after seeing what was holding it all up.

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